Hiccups and DVR

I am TRYING to watch TV, but my DVR is all pixely and the signal for CBS seems to be cutting out. Every time I think it is getting better, it starts again. It is really, really irritating. I am relieved that Kayden is finally asleep. He was WAY over tired and he was whiny … Continue reading Hiccups and DVR

Holy Migraine, Batman!

Well, with the help of some fantastic friends, my house is looking less like I am practicing to be on the reality show Hoarders and more like a home. Since I have had the mega dumpster, my friends have gone out of their ways to help me clean reorganize and  most importantly purge. Out with … Continue reading Holy Migraine, Batman!

Running out of Dumpster Time…

Kayden is watching the Imagination Movers (love those guys) and Spencer and my sister are napping. Jaymi and Riley are heading over in a bit and Austin will be home in a while. After yesterday, I am pretty happy just lounging. Yesterday, I drove my brother to meet my parents from Livermore Falls to Augusta, … Continue reading Running out of Dumpster Time…

Spring Cleaning has hit the Hawks House. HARD

I was up until midnight last night doing something I normally avoid...cleaning my basement. And I had to MAKE myself stop because I had to get up this morning and get the seven-year old on the bus. Otherwise, I am sure I would have been at it all night long. But, holy crap seven-thirty comes … Continue reading Spring Cleaning has hit the Hawks House. HARD