A Little V.A. Mayhem

Today was a very, very, VERY long day. Not really an I've-been-working-all-day-on-lifting-boulders-the-size-of-Kentucky kind of day. More of an I've-been-sitting-in-office-chairs-all-freaking-day-long kind of day. My husband and I spent six hours at the Veteran's Administration today. That was for three appointments. My husband, who has been awake since 9 am yesterday morning, was running on 32 hours … Continue reading A Little V.A. Mayhem

Hot Dog!

We are watching back to back episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse this morning. Spencer loves the Hot Dog Dance at the end. He has also discovered (with my help) that he can watch the 'hot gog' dance on YouTube. We also watch Mana Mana and Beaker's Ode to Joy. He giggles so  much! I went … Continue reading Hot Dog!